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Full Service Groom

We practice humanity before vanity and will not de-matt a heavily matted dog! You brush or we shave!

  • 2 Shampoos and conditioner fit to meet your dog or cats specific needs

  • Each pet will recieve a nail clipping AND filing to ensure the nails are as short and round as possible.
    This also helps avoid 'quicking' your pets nails.


  • All ears are plucked (breed specific) and cleaned out.

  • We fluff dry all pets straight through, so we never use any unsafe dryers or kennel dry!

  • A customized haircut will be discussed before the groom to match your pets needs and your lifestyle.

  • Sanitary areas will always be done to keep your pet clean and comfortable.


  • Paw pads and sanitary shave

Full De-shedding Bath

  • Your pet will receive not one, but two full baths, first with a deep cleanser, followed by a top quality shampoo specifically designed to cut down on shedding. This shampoo opens the pores on our pets skin, and any hair that is dead, dying, or dry, should come out. This process is extremely helpful when your pet is blowing their winter and summer coat. Any heavy shedders not kept on a 6 week schedule will need this service. We also include the blueberry facial to leave the face smelling super clean! Finally the bath will be followed by a remoisturizing conditioner to soften and rejuvinate your pets skin and coat.

  • To dry your heavy shedder we will use a special nozzle on our dryer that will fluff your pet and continue to
    deshed as we dry.


  • Each pet will receive a nail clipping AND filing to ensure the nails are as short and round as possible.
    This also helps avoid 'quicking' your pets nails.


  • We clean every pets ears with a natural product.

  • Extra brushing with a deshedding comb will be done when the pet is completely dried

* De-shedding treatments will be added to any double coated dog to get the maximum effect of the grooming process. 

Our prices are based on a regularly groomed pet. We offer grooming on 2, 4, and 6 week schedules.

Anything over that amount of time may be subject to a higher charge, usually due to excessive matting, grease, undercoat or other skin/coat issues that may take more time and product to remove, and after that be put on a maintenance schedule.

Additional Services

  • Flea & Tick Shampoo - cannot be used within 48 hours of a flea & tick preventative. Please let us know if you've given medication or a topical prior to the groom, as flea shampoo will be used if we find any fleas or flea 'dirt.'


  • Medicated Shampoo - if your dog has allergies, hot spots, yeast or even just sensitive skin you might consider upgrading his/her shampoo to this unscented, grain free product.

  • Pet Safe Hair Dye - We use vegan dye to give pets a little color. The color we use is completely safe for use on dogs, and can last up to 12 washes. Ask what we can do!

All prices are 'Starting at.' This means for a dog kept on a regular schedule (every 2-6 weeks). Dogs with excessive, coat, shedding, matting, etc. will be subject to extra charges. If pet shows aggression, too much difficulty due to behavioral or health concerns, we may not be able to complete each service but would charge for services rendered and time spent.

The easiest way to get on our schedule  is to text us a photo of your pet with as much information as possible. Here are some questions we may ask.

Does your dog have any behavioral issues? (Having an aggressive or difficult dog does not mean we wont groom him/her, we just like to know so we can take the correct precautions.)

How old is your dog?


Where are you located?


When was your pet groomed last?


Do you keep your pet on a regular grooming schedule? 


How often do you have your pet groomed?


Does your pet have any health issues?

Due to our extended hours and nature of our work, we do not schedule appointments or accept inquiries over the phone. For the quickest response, please be as specific and detailed as possible so we can provide you with an accurate quote, information about our services, and availability.


​This information will be used to build your file if you decide to book an appointment with us. Please be as accurate as possible when including contact information as well as information regarding your pet. Health and behavior issues are very important to make known so that we can schedule your pet accordingly.

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