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What vaccines do you require?

DOGS- We ask that aggressive dogs or dogs (big or small) likely to bite be UTD on rabies vaccinations. If your dog is not UTD and by chance we do get bit, it is out of our hands and will have to be reported to the county.  We also ask that all puppies recieve their first 2 sets of shots before being groomed. This is for their own safety!

Do I need to be home when you come to groom my pet?

You do need to be home for your pet's first appointment. After that many customers will leave a key or garage code for us to enter the home while they are out to avoid paying a no-show or cancellation fee. If you are not home we need the pet to be secured preferably near the front of the home so we can get to him quickly and safely (for us and the pet.) 

Do you have to use our water and electricity?

No! we are completely self contained, we bring our own warm water and use our own electricity. The only time we would need to use water or electricity would be in an emergency if something were to suddenly stop working. Plugging into your outlet is the equivalent of running your television for an hour. We know plugging in would be a pain, and thats why we avoid it. Water empties directly to the ground but is non toxic to the environment and is the equivalent of 3 gallons of water.

Why don't you shave double coated dogs?

Dogs such as Huskies, Golden Retrievers, Australian shepherds, and Pomeranians are all examples of dogs with double coats. A double coat is literally that, a top coat of guard hairs (which do not shed) and a bottom fluffy layer that does shed.

The top coat is designed to repel dirt and protect your pet from the suns damaging rays (especially here in Southwest Florida!) . The bottom layer helps keep your pet warm in the winter and, believe it or not, COOL in the summer! It works just like the insulation on your home. You also might think your dog feels cooler after being shaved. Well sure, because their skin is exposed and it feels different, but dogs don’t sweat through their skin, they sweat from the pads of their feet! Stripping them of their protection from heat rays does more harm then good.

When you shave a double coated dog, the hair comes back clumpy and strange looking, this is because the guard hair and undercoat grow at different speeds, so the coat ends up looking patchy, and therefore, needing shaved on a regular basis. Your dogs coat may also become damaged and not grow back. You could get your pet shaved 5 times or 50 times with no issues, but one day it will not grow back, especially as the pet ages. Shaving these breeds can also cause many unexpected skin infections and irritations. Due to the reasons above, we strongly recommend not shaving your double coated dog, and the only way we will is if the pet is severely matted or already has skin issues that need to be addressed, and we will require the ok from your Veterinarian.

Do you have evening or last minute appointments?

Rarely. However, if we do have time, an emergency fee will be added to the full service groom price. Keep in mind I may be dropping everything to come groom your pet. We can prevent this issue by putting your pet on a recurring schedule.

Can I stay with my pet during the grooming?

Unfortunately our insurance does not cover us if you are in the unit with us. However, most pets are calmer when they can’t see you.When you are there, they think they can jump around and be excited, but during the grooming process this can be dangerous. We take pet safety very seriously and we assure you your pet is in good hands.

Do you accept tips?

Of course! Tips are not expected, but greatly appreciated. You can also feel free to leave us a review on our Facebook page or send an email.

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