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We are now accepting new clients in Southwest Florida!

Originally from SouthWest Iowa, our ties to Southwest Florida are keep us coming back between our travels and we've been grooming pets in the area since 2013


We recently retired our van and took A Dogs World on the road in our new 32 foot RV!

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With A Dog's World, there are no more scary car rides to the groomer. No more loading up a dirty dog (or cat), hoping they don't get sick in the car, again, only to have your heart break when you drag them into the salon where they will sit for hours on end in a cage.

We eliminate the stress related to grooming, and make it an enjoyable experience for your pet, right at your home!

Our spacious van is equipped with only the best equipment in the grooming industry. We provide our own water and electricity. This means nice warm water, and a strong air conditioner for our hot summers!

You might be wondering if mobile grooming is worth the extra cost. Decide for yourself after you read through some of the benefits!

Convenience - We come to you! Whether it be your home or office. Back and forth trips and calls to the groomer are over.  We offer standing appointments on maintenance schedules throughout the year, which prevents you having to call in every time you need an appointment. If you're on a schedule, we'll always have a spot for you. After the first appointment, we offer latchkey service, like a dog walker would, so you don't even have to be home!

Less Stress! - Most small pets are done in about an hour, and large pets about 2 hours, most salons charge extra for getting your pet in and out quicker, we include this in our price. We don't spend our day answering phone calls, taking a lunch while we have your pet or tend to other barking dogs. Your pup gets all of our attention, and who wouldn't want that?

Safety & Cleanliness - With us, your pet will no longer be subjected to strange or sometimes unfriendly animals. This lessens the risk of illness, stress, discomfort and even potential diseases or injuries. We clean and sanitize after every pet, and do not take animals with known flea infestations.


 TEXT US! 239.940.7199

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